Airborne doula mama

An aircraft is build to go through a storm, as long as the pilot does not panic and turn. That would place extra pressure on the airplane.

The same with a birthing mother it is no different – do not take a turn off. Go through the storm, straight through – and watch your instrument board, I will be your spiritual instrument gauge – showing you the straightest path with your emotions and inner strength. Going straight through and having a flight plan and sticking to it as much as you can, would be the wisest way.

I’m Magdalena and a passionate birthing doula with a love for, family, birth and life … I witnessed a birth of a baby born where my mom acted as a midwife while I was at the young age of three, peeping through a half opened door while my mom were running back and forth with water in scissors. My curiosity flame was lit at this age and never stopped loving babies, birth and the passion and energy that comes with it is enigmatic! Body, soul and spirit are integrated and being a Billy Graham Chaplain with a Masters degree in Biblical studies, I also have a love for new life, nutrition, essential oils and healing prayer. I believe that birthing is as much a spiritual experience as well as a physical experience and that coaching are very much part of it. I always love to encourage and I will be your birthing marathon coach cheering you on over the finish line of one the most memorable days of your life.
With my family of six relocated to the USA in 2009 each two suitcases in hand. Today we are dual citizens of the USA and South Africa and haven’t lost our passion for the nations of the world. We believe in the spirit of adoption and knows how even nations has adopted us, the spirit of adoption is something stronger than the air you breathe or the blood that flows in your veins. We are ever thankful for America that adopted us as her own, and loves the land of the free. With the same sense of freedom, I love to give birthing mothers the pointers to choice her birthing plan.

Like Mel Gibson said in the patriot “They may never take our freedom!” I would just add that I am a peacemaker and love to bring unity into a birthing experience and be a team player and coach. I give constant undivided moral support; help you to pre-programming your goals to be stable in your emotions and use pace keeping techniques. I am your birthing marathon coach; using the power of presence and trust to create a relaxing atmosphere. Giving massage, using gravity, movement techniques, position shifting, positive visualization, moral support and creativity to help you as mother use nature’s tools to help your baby along your natural path. I will be praying and helping you through all.

I live in Charlotte, North Carolina and would love to give TLC and friendly advice. Please contact me for any advice and I would enjoy a conversation with you on your strategy.

Many blessings


Magdalena Liesl Grobbelaar

Aka Leesee